Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me, Myself, and I {Upclose & Personal}

Meet the Photographer! Hi there! I'm Rachelle. I love photography on so many levels. I love capturing not only the traditional smiles, but the silly, fun, or serious personalities of whoever I am shooting. I love people. Photographing them gives me a glimpse of who they are, and I love that. I love seeing similarities of family members through my lens that I normally wouldn't have noticed. I love seeing a whole new world when I switch on my "photography vision". I love shooting the details. I love that being a photographer allows me to be creative, and work with people, while still allowing me to stay home with my own children. My two boys are my world. I owe part of my passion for photography to them for being so stinkin cute- I just can't stop snapping pics of them! I love to be creative,( not only with my photography), and I keep a craft blog for some of my other favorite hobbies: She's Crafty/Rachelle's Craft Corner.

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